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Purely Bathroom Renovations - for a quality job at the right price
Purely   Bathroom   Renovations    specialises   in   renovating   and   building   the   perfect   bathroom   to suit   your   individual   needs   and   budget.   They   pride   themselves   on   providing   professional   quality workmanship    in    a    timely    manner;    they    understand    the    importance    of    having    your    project completed as quickly as possible. Their   tradesmen   are   fully   qualified   with   over   15   years   experience   behind   them.   You   can   be assured   that   your   project   will   be   completed   to   the   highest   standards   and   will   deliver   an   outcome you will be thoroughly satisfied with.
The team includes all required trades, including Carpenters, Plumbers, Painters and Tilers. They    offer    a    free    discussion    and    quoting    service    for    your    project;    they    have    consistently demonstrated very competitive pricing and exceptional quality of work. Purely   Bathroom   Renovations    strive   to   meet   all   the   needs   and   preferences   of   their   clients; they are happy to use materials supplied by customers. Of   course   they   can   suggest   and   supply   an   extensive   range   of   options   and   alternatives   for   use   in your project to achieve the ideal look and design for you. All work completed is of outstanding quality and is fully guaranteed. Please   call   or   email   if   you   would   like   to   know   more   or   to   arrange   a   cost   and   obligation free discussion and quote for your project.